Tread Lightly!

The Vermont Jeep Association expects its members to adhere to the principles of Tread Lightly! at all times.

Northeast Association of 4WD Clubs

The Vermont Jeep Association is a member of NEA;  its mission is to protect and promote environmentally responsible Off-Highway Vehicle recreation, while maintaining a harmonious relationship between OHV enthusiasts and landowners; and too support and educate Local, State and National agencies in the preservation of OHV recreation.

VJA Green Up Day 2020
VJA Green Up Day 2020

Green Up Vermont

The Vermont Jeep Association participates in Green Up Day every year, helping remove trash from Class 4 roads and trails.

Morrisville, VT Independence Day parade

Morristown 4th of July Parade

The Vermont Jeep Association proudly rides in the Morristown Independence Day parade annually.

The kids love the Jeeps (and the candy)!